Hope for Healing is a local, non-profit organization with a mission to financially support individuals and community organizations in accessing holistic health practitioners as well as holistic wellness and training opportunities.  


We are a community of people who believe in the power of holistic wellness, especially in the treatment and healing of trauma-related experiences. Our hope is to remove barriers and to make holistic modalities available to ALL for the healing of Self, Community and the Earth.


Hope for Healing supports individuals in connecting to practitioners who will empower them in their individual healing journey. Because of financial limitations or various other barriers many community members and organizations have little or no access to holistic wellness practitioners. We created Hope for Healing because we believe that all men and women should have access to the healing modalities that best support their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


Hope for Healing has three pillars that support its vision and mission statement. Healing self, healing community, healing Earth.


The first pillar focuses on one’s individual health and wellness. We believe that individual health and wellness comes first. When we nourish ourselves we have the capacity to love and care for our children, families and transform our communities in such profound ways. Together, with the community members and organizations Hope for Healing partners with, we will provide subsidies, scholarships and financial support to people wanting to access holistic and alternative wellness opportunities on their healing journeys. Individuals who currently do not have the financial means [or who have other barriers in receiving the care they wish] can apply to Hope for Healing to receive support in accessing sessions with practitioners and professionals, workshops, events, memberships and the list could go on.


 The second pillar is to assist local organizations in accessing outreach programming within our community for holistic healing opportunities. Hope for Healing will partner with local organizations, support groups, and healing centers that provide programming to community members and assist them in accessing on-site healing practitioners and education that best serves their clientele. This on-site support provides comfort, safety and security to people in a familiar environment.  Local organizations can reach out to Hope for Healing for funding and support in connecting with practitioners to best support their client base.


 The third pillar for Hope for Healing is healing our relationship with the Earth. As we enter a time of severe climate dysregulation it is apparent that healing between all people and the earth and all sentient beings is necessary and critical.  When we see the earth and all species as resources to be used rather than beings to be in right relationship with we create critical earth conditions and feel a sense of displacement and woundedness. People need support to face the issues of our present climate crisis, to work through their fear, guilt and anger, and find ways in community to come together to create another story for the future, one where we can live in harmony with this earth and all sentient beings. Hope for Healing will provide workshops, healing evenings, community gatherings and a variety of land based healing retreats and sessions to promote healing of Self, our communities and restore our right relationship with the Earth.